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Kicking Lessons

I want everyone that trains with me to improve their fundamentals as a specialist. Fundamentals are extremely important and the foundation to my lessons. Specialist will leave the lessons knowing what to work on and how to improve their game.


You will never know what your true potential is as a kicking specialist until you do the proper training. My job is to teach you how to train with the right drills, done the proper amount of times, and done the right way!



You can improve as a kicking specialist in two days of lessons but the real improvement comes from individual quality practice. You have to buy into the program and put your heart into the training. You get exactly what you put into it.”


Lessons Include:


1st Initial Visit


  • $375
  • 2 Days of 1 hr and 30 minute Professional One on One Instruction
  • Instructional DVD on the 2nd day of lessons
  • Detailed Explanation of a Kicking Training Program
  • Proper Set of Drills to improve body stability, leg swing, and height/distance on kicks



Follow up Lessons

  • $125 an hour (New Clients)
  • 4 to 5 hrs of follow up lessons are recommended to reinforce the proper technique and make the correct adjustments to a kicking specialists’ technique





Upcoming 2014 Lesson Dates

June 11-12

June 17-18

June 24-25

June 26-27

July 7-8

July 9-10



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