James Wilhoit Kicking Coach



Crews Holt"James knows the difference between kickers who think they're good and those who are elite. He would know, because he naively fooled himself and many coaches throughout his high school and college career unknowingly kicking with the wrong technique, until he was exposed at NFL camps.

Oddly enough, many starting kickers at the college level have never been taught the proper method, and most football coaches would never know it. If James had learned in high school what he is now teaching and grooming elite college kicking prospects , he'd be kicking in the NFL. Now he's dedicated to mentoring future stars to avoid the mistake that most kickers make; natural talent and athletic ability alone are a blessing until the pressure is on, and then they become a curse.

Trust in someone who knows the difference, who is one of the few kicking gurus in the country addressing this fundamental flaw with most kickers. He'll get the most out of your son if your son commits to the process."


Alan Holt (Parent of Crews Holt-2016 Kicker)



Chandler Stafford"James is an excellent kicking coach. He provides great value for your investment. His camps

and training sessions are very structured and well organized. He ensures there is plenty of one

on one coaching time for every kicker. His coaching methods have greatly improved our son's

mechanics and consistency."


Hal and Alice Stafford (Parents of Chandler Stafford-2014 Kicker)



Alex Rinella"Wilhoit Kicking is not one of those enormous camps where you come away with a lot of reps and a
few tips.


This program is structured, specific, and focuses on the mechanics of kicking, with either individual or
very small group instruction.


If you are hoping to be a better high school kicker, go to Wilhoit Kicking. If you want to attend a big
kicking camp or college camp in the hopes of obtaining a college scholarship, go to Wilhoit Kicking FIRST!"


Joan Rinella (Mother of Alex Rinella-2015 Kicker)



Logan Cooke"James' knowledge as a kicker and a kicking instructor has made a difference in the kicker/punter Logan
has become. James has been an encourager and continues to challenge Logan to be the best that
HE CAN BE. (Being #1 is not good enough if you are not the very best that you can be). Although the
distance to train with James has not been convenient for us, the results that we have seen have made
it all worthwhile. James has become not only a friend but a coach and a mentor for our son. Not only
is he a good kicking coach for our son, but James has given us advice about camps, showcases, and
recruiting. His guidance has helped us as parents and Logan as a college prospect, to get through this


Thank you James for being VERY patient with us as we sometimes ask stupid questions (haha). You
have been very professional in your training, your conduct, and our conversations. You have set a
great example for Logan and we appreciate EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do. You have
encouraged us as parents to be patient, to trust you and your coaching, and to be realistic. Reality is,
God has a plan for our son and we thank you for helping get the most out of him."


Len and Tracey Cooke (Parents of Logan Cooke-2014 Punter/Kicker)




Aaron Medley"My son has been a student of James since he was an eighth grader. He has kicked against the

best kickers in the nation at regional and national camps and has been ranked in the top 10 of two

major rating services for his class since his sophomore year of high school. I believe James is the

very reason my son has been able to set himself apart at camps, by taking his natural ability and

incorporating sound mechanical techniques to let him be what his ability allows. The honesty,

integrity, and guidance are the traits that I have appreciated the most from James."


Richard Medley (Father of Aaron Medley-2014 Kicker/Punter)



Scott Cummings"James' knowledge of the fundamentals of kicking was a blessing. Two of our kickers have greatly

benefitted from the instruction received from James and it was very instrumental in George Bullock

receiving a rare full scholarship to The University of Tennessee. George had over 80% touchbacks on

kickoffs and a range of 50+ yards on placekicks. The attention to detail and film study of the kickers

technique was key in getting a repetitive motion that can be repeate. Our guys can then refer back to

key points when they get into a bad groove."


Scott Cummings (Head Coach Knoxville West HS)